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Password Grid is a small program for Windows. It has been inspired by Enigmaze (but is not in any way part of that project) and is intended as a useful application for users of hexagonal password grids.

There is also a web version with less features.




Licensed under MIT License, see end of manual.

If you use Windows 8 or Windows 10, see manual about SmartScreen warning you will probably get.



Small example of how Password Grid could be used ...

1) Select settings you like and create a random path. Here I used grid size 17x12 with path length 12-15 and 2-4 turns with no overlap. I also selected short secret prefix and program gives random suggestion.

2) Add some drawings around the path which will help you to remember it. (Here path starts from down, goes near "heart" and ends parallel to left side of smaller "mountain".)

3) Delete original path.

4) Now you can draw these to your real password grid (e.g. Enigmaze) using invisible ink. Even if somebody manages to see the ink, he would not know how to create password from them.

Older screenshots

How you create password from complex path or image is for you to decide. It doesn't have to be straightforward.